Australian Theatre History. The Australian Performing Group at the Pram Factory

Tim Robertson

Tim has written a tome on the Pram Factory. It is a unique and very subjective, Rabelaisian account of those halcyon days and the horrors that went with them. Please read his book. ‘Pram Factory’-published by Melbourne University Press. This book contains invaluable archival photographic material and a wonderful, no holds barred bio of the cast of the Collective. Tim’s Tapes (his personal mammoth research) have also been sourced for some memoirs here and have been acknowledged. And so, thankyou Tiny Tim, and god bless us everyone.


Tim Robertson is a great character actor and has enjoyed a long and haphazard career in film, TV and stage. He is erudite and a writer par excellence, and the laziest guy in the world. He is a pool couch potato with the best all over body tan in history.

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